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This concert is being held for Friends of Grayshott Concerts and tickets are free of charge.

However if you feel you would like to make a donation to Grayshott Concerts to help with costs that would be very much appreciated.

To make a donation :

Please just enter the amount of the donation you wish to make into the 'Quantity' box below and then 'Add to Basket'. A quantity of 1 = £1 therefore a quantity of 10 would equal a donation of £10 etc.

Please note : your donation will not be taken at checkout you will receive a separate email from Grayshott Concerts with a payment link.

If we are able to claim Gift Aid on your behalf please tick the box.

Gift Aid - by allowing Grayshott Concerts to claim Gift Aid on your Donation means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you Donate. It will not cost you any extra. To view more details about Gift Aid please click here.

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To assist Grayshott Concerts to comply with Covid-19 guidelines and ensure safe Social Distancing .. please

1. Scroll to the number of people in your party of concert goers

2. From the drop-down field on the right select the seating configuration for your party

3. Click 'ADD to BASKET' which will advise Grayshott Concerts of your selected seating requirements