Select Seating - Purchase


Due to the Covid guidelines set out by the Government we have a responsibility
to ensure there is social distancing between audience participants.

IMPORTANT please review : If your ticket reservation is for members of the same family who have been living together then it will be possible for you to sit close together.

However if your ticket reservation is for people that have not been living together or in the same 'social bubble' then we as the organiser have the responsibility to ensure the members of your party are socially distanced when seated.

From the options below please scroll to the number of tickets you have reserved. Then in the drop-down please select the seating arrangement you require. To complete your seating reservation click  'Add to Basket'.

For example :

If you have reserved tickets for four people from two households and these households are not in the same 'social bubble' then you would select the '2 and 2' option under 4 tickets. This means that your party would be seated in two groups of two people.

Please advise of your seating arrangements below